« La différence – Martinique » – 1er prix Catégorie Jeunesse : « The earth’s differences » de Naomie Jean-Louis



When the sun goes up

The moon goes down.

Americans can see it

While japaneses cannot.


Different hours,

Different temperatures

Cause, when the sun rises

The moon disappears.


Sometimes the clouds yell in the East,

When the sun shines in the West.

We are on the same planet

With different impressions about it.


Midday become midnight

When the continents are opposed

And that will never change,

Because when the moon goes down

The sun goes up.


Two seasons at the same time

For two opposite hemispheres 

The weather seems fickle ;

Cause, when the sun goes up

The moon goes down.


And if we’re all different,

It’s because the cultures aren’t the same.

The earth’s differences are its strenght

But if the globe stops spinning

This strenght will become a weakness

Cause, when the sun goes up

The moon will never go down again.


Naomie Jean-Louis

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